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** Why vouchers? **

The lockdown is tough on everyone, but it’s particularly difficult for our independent businesses, who have lost the vast majority of their income.

You can support them by buying a voucher from  The business gets the money now and you have something to look forward to after lockdown.

To buy a voucher, please select the amount you want, add it to your cart and follow our checkout process. Your voucher will be automatically emailed to you.

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About Us

Here at Nanna Mexico, we do more than serve delicious and authentic food. We believe that every great meal should be served with a great story. Our story began well before Nanna Mexico’s founding in 2005. Our roots and inspiration date back to 1958 in the Barrio Bravo neighbourhood in Mexico City with Luis’s nanna, Margarita.

The times were hard and even harder for a single mother living in a cramped room with seven kids. Dedication and perseverance were imperative, and my nanna was nothing if not dedicated. One day she decided that having seven mouths to feed wasn’t enough. She was going to feed the entire neighbourhood. So she went into the street, carrying her kitchen table laden with fresh ingredients and set up shop. The rest, as they say, was history, but for us, it was the beginning. The inspiration. Nanna had three principles that guide us today: Buy fresh, Cook simple, Waste nothing. It is with these principles, and her original recipes, that we bring Nanna’s Mexico to the UK in one authentic piece. The smells, colours and textures of nanna’s kitchen are alive in our restaurants and are part of the family legacy we share with our customers everyday.