Healing Hammock - finding lightness in life...
Healing Hammock - finding lightness in life...

Healing Hammock - finding lightness in life...


Voucher – Healing Hammock

£12: 1 x group yoga session
£45: private healing session (sound, colour, massage, yoga therapy)
£50: 5 x group yoga sessions
£100: 10 x group yoga sessions

Thank you sincerely for supporting the Healing Hammock but most importantly for prioritising your own health and wellbeing or that of a friend or family member. Sending lightness in life and I look forward to welcoming the voucher holder to the Yoga & Sound Space. Gabby Louise 🙂

** Why vouchers? **

The lockdown is tough on everyone, but it’s particularly difficult for our independent businesses, who have lost the vast majority of their income.

You can support them by buying a voucher from BeALocalHero.co.uk.  The business gets the money now and you have something to look forward to after lockdown.

To buy a voucher, please select the amount you want, add it to your cart and follow our checkout process. Your voucher will be automatically emailed to you.

Thank you for supporting independent businesses 🙂

About Us

The Yoga & Sound Space welcomes everyone, offering a safe and nurturing space for mental and physical wellness. Sharing yoga, sound acupuncture, Tama-Do Energy Healing and massage therapy.

Groups and private sessions are all run by the owner and Founder of the Healing Hammock, Gabby Louise. She works with clients on a 1-2-1 or small group basis, offering a therapeutic approach to wellbeing drawing on her experience and knowledge of therapy for mental and physical wellbeing using sound, colour, massage and yoga.

Group sessions are personal and have a community feel to them with no more than 8 people. Private sessions are crafted to meet individual needs, often working with the clients subtle energy fields (aura) to balance the mind, body, soul and emotions.

Sound and colour healing takes place through sound harmonisations using the five element theory, steel tuning forks and colour silks.

Yoga for Anxiety, a new 8-week course starts Autumn 2020. To find out more contact gabby@healinghammock.co.uk or 07855 779807.