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About us

Hello and welcome to Be a Local Hero

Our mission is to help local independent businesses survive this lockdown and thrive in our communities for years to come. We believe that these small businesses make our communities special. They serve us with a smile and we have countless happy memories at our local gym, pubs and restaurants.


Although this lockdown is tough on everyone, it is particularly hard for these local businesses. With no income, and outgoing bills, we have friends that are worried that they won’t be able to reopen when this is all over.


We don’t think that’s fair!


For this reason we’ve created BE A LOCAL HERO.

This site allows you to buy products and vouchers from local independent businesses, that can be redeemed when they reopen. We take no commission on payments and only want to see the businesses, that we know and love, live to fight another day. So, if you can afford it, please consider buying a product from one of these businesses. 


This lockdown is temporary, but with your help, our community is forever.


Be a local hero and support your community

Chris & Jack 

Our Team

Interested in Working Together?

Our mission is to help as many local independent businesses as possible. If you run media site and would like to get in touch, or if you’re a small business and have a few questions. Please:

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